Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Session Record Reviews, normally scheduled in the spring, are scheduled to start in September. Clerks of Session may choose between four Zoom events. Each gathering is designed to:

  • Support one another
  • Share learnings regarding adding electronic/virtual committee, session, and congregational meetings to church manuals as well as other pandemic learnings
  • Hear a brief synopsis of the church incorporation process
  • Fulfill the Book of Order requirement to review minutes annually

All Clerks of Session are invited to attend one of these Session Record Review events on Zoom. 

  • Sunday, September 19 at 3 PM
  • Sunday, September 26 at 3 PM
  • Sunday, October 10 at 3 PM
  • Sunday, October 24 at 3 PM

The Session Record Review Checklist has been updated to accommodate both Zoom and in-person events. For Zoom events, each Clerk of Session invites another member of the session or another ruling elder to review the 2020 minutes. The Clerk of Session completes the checklist section; the reviewer from the session completes the report section for Zoom events and signs. This must be completed prior to attending one of the Zoom Session Record Review events.

All Clerks of Session will provide Maureen Wright with an electronic copy of the completed form (statedclerk@wvpresbytery.org) or mail a hard copy of the form to the Presbytery Office (520 Second Avenue, South Charleston, WV, 25303). Once the form is received and the Clerk of Session attends the review event, a letter will be sent stating that the records for 2020 have been reviewed. The letter should be included in the minutes for 2021.

If Clerks of Session have any questions, contact Maureen Wright.