520 Second Avenue
South Charleston, WV 25303


  • Traveling from the north on I-64/77 continue on I-64 toward Huntington
  • Traveling from the east on I-64 continue past Charleston toward Huntington
  • Traveling from the west on I-64…
  • Traveling from the south on Corridor G, take I-64 West toward Huntington
  • Take the Montrose Drive Exit (Exit 56)
  • At the end of the exit, turn right onto Montrose Drive. Stay in the right hand lane.
  • Immediately beyond the overpass, bear right onto the Second Avenue ramp (DO NOT proceed to traffic light and McCorkle Ave.)
  • The ramp loops around to Second Avenue. The Presbytery Office is the second building on the left past the overpass.
  • Turn left into the alley immediately before the office to access the parking lot or park on the street in front of the office.