The presbytery has a responsibility for “authorizing and training specific ruling elders to administer or preside at the Lord’s Supper when it deems it necessary to meet the needs for the administration of the Sacrament.” (G-3.0301b) As the presbytery seeks to fulfill this responsibility, there will be a training event on Sunday, Oct. 15, from 3-5 p.m. on Zoom.

All sessions, particularly those whose churches do not have pastoral leadership, are invited to send 2-3 ruling elders (they don’t have to be on the session currently) to this event. Participants must have been approved by the church’s session prior to the event to participate; confirmation of this is part of the registration form.

Part of the preliminary assignment includes reading sections of the 2023-2025 Book of Order. If you need a copy of this more recent revision, the presbytery has several for sale for $9, plus shipping if it needs to be sent, or it can be downloaded at

There is no cost for this event. The registration deadline is Monday, Oct. 2.  Complete information can also be found here. To register, please submit your name, church, email, phone number, and date of session approval to attend this training to If you have any questions, you may contact Susan at this email address or 304-667-9428.