Nominating Committee

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Purpose & Objectives: to nominate persons (1) to fill vacancies on the Leadership Team, continuing committees (except the Nominating Committee), boards and other bodies that require election by the Presbytery; and (2) to serve as commissioners to higher councils of the church in conformity with the church’s commitment to unity in diversity.

Responsibilities: nominating persons for various offices and committees in light of the membership needs of each committee, and consulting with the Presbytery’s Committee on Representation annually to ensure that various entities are represented on committees and in the leadership of the Presbytery.

Membership: three (3) classes of three (3), including Ministers of Word & Sacrament, Ruling Elders and laity for a total of nine (9) members. Members of the Nominating Committee shall be nominated by the Presbytery Leadership Team.

Committees & Purpose


  • To provide staff for the Presbytery in accordance with the mission of the Presbytery and to ensure that they have adequate compensation, supplies, and support to carry out their work effectively and faithfully.


  • To provide for promotion, programming, and facilities which support the life, mission and ministry of the Bluestone Camp and Conference Center as a vibrant center for Christian discipleship.


  • To provide that the Word of God may be truly preached and heard; to provide that the Sacraments may be rightly administered and received; to nurture the covenant community of disciples of Christ. (G-3.0301)


  • To enact the Word of God and promote social righteousness through the promotion, creation, interpretation, funding  and evaluation of mission activities by the Presbytery and its congregations.


  • To provide encouragement, guidance, and resources to congregations in the areas: spiritual formation, discipleship, and leadership development.


  • In judicial matters and process, the Presbytery has original jurisdiction in judicial matters concerning Teaching Elders and Commissioned Lay Pastor-Ruling Elders serving the congregations of the Presbytery. The PJC is to carry out these responsibilities for the PWV.


  • To advise the Presbytery regarding the implementation of principles of unity and diversity;advocate for diversity in leadership and to consult with the Presbytery on the employment of personnel in accordance with principles of unity and diversity (F-1.0403)


  • To model, teach, and encourage good stewardship throughout the Presbytery of West Virginia so that the mission and ministry of God may thrive in our hands.


  • To manage the property of the Presbytery of West Virginia on its behalf in order to further the mission and ministry God has entrusted into our hands.


  • To enter into a covenant relationship with those exploring a call to church vocation and to provide oversight to the Authorized Lay Preacher (ALP)/Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE)  program in the Presbytery of WV.


How do I become a committee member?
If you feel called to serve on a particular committee, please fill out the top form at the right of this page or the main committee page.

How do I recommend someone for service on a committee?
To nominate an individual for a committee please fill out the second form at the right of this page or the main committee page.

I have a question about a committee, who do I contact?
Feel free to contact a member of the Nominating Committee

Name Email Address
Terry Cunningham (Chair)
Robin Ray
Cherrie Sizemore
John Bolt
Marie Newcomb-Lewis
George Spransy
Parry Johnson
Sharon Rowe
Bob Wood

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