Cents-Ability is a partnership of Christian faith and the simple action of setting aside money at each meal to be used to provide food for hungry people. The offering is undergirded with prayer and reminds the giver of the importance of sharing our lives and gifts with others.

The receiving of the Cents-Ability Offering should be approved by the Session. It should be received on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly). The congregation is encouraged to use 25% of the offering in some local hunger action effort and the balance is to be sent to the Treasurer of the Presbytery. Fifty-five percent of the offering will be used for hunger needs within our Presbytery, and twenty-five percent is sent to the Presbyterian Hunger Program, broadly designated to be used in Africa.Grants of money are made to food pantries and other hunger projects throughout the year as approved by the Hunger Action Focus Group of the Social Ministries Committee. Congregations may request a grant by completing an application available from the Presbytery office.

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