The Stewardship of Creation Ministry Team (SCMT) for the Presbytery of West Virginia is actively involved in educating and resourcing the faith community in West Virginia. As an affinity group of the Presbytery Mission Committee, the members of the team share concerns for caring for God’s creation. SCMT members serve the presbytery as educators, motivators, and facilitators of action to protect God’s Creation. They assist congregations and other groups within the church to gain the knowledge and skills to sustain long-term, spiritually-vital commitment to God’s Creation. They facilitate engagement by congregations and committed church members with other groups in their own communities and around the world seeking to address immediate environmental problems and to find long-term solutions. The SCMT is an important conduit for the national staff team, as well as local, regional, or national ecumenical environmental ministries, to resource, alert, and mobilize Presbyterians on behalf of God’s Creation. They also strengthen the outreach of presbytery committees to congregations and enhance communications between congregations and among individual Presbyterians. To join the SCMT, please contact one of the SCMT members.

West Virginia’s Stewardship of Creation Team Members:

Robin Blakeman: 304-840-4877 or

Mary Quick: 304-927-4342 or

Kayla Walsh: 304-462-5070 or

Faith Based Environmental Advocacy & Education/Resources