West Virginia Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps, Inc. (WVMAW) began in 2002 in response to flood disaster in the southern part of the state. The vision was to become the long-term recovery disaster response in partnership with the Presbytery of West Virginia.

Throughout the years, WVMAW began to define disaster as more than just a nature-caused event. The ministry recognized that in West Virginia, poverty compounded natural disaster, so in effort to help mitigate against future disaster, volunteers continued to come to the state to help with families in need.

Wheelchair ramps became one of the major ways to give a hand up to an aging population. Volunteers helped to repair porches and entries, replaced flooring, rebuilt walls, under-pinned and insulated homes, and even in some cases helped to build onto homes to accommodate growing families as grandparents took in their grandchildren.

The Reverend Joan Stewart took on the Executive Director position in 2006, following Bonnie Gilson, who moved to Texas. Supported by a Board of Directors made up of Presbyterians from throughout West Virginia, WVMAW has worked with many locations around the state that have hosted work teams.

God’s word says, “Behold I am doing a new thing…” Right now, the new thing for WVMAW is a new addition to staff. WVMAW would like to welcome Vic Morris as the Intern for the Executive Director.

Vic has a passion for mission and experience in workcamp ministry through the Nazarene Church. During 2021, groups led by Vic collaborated with WVMAW in Nicholas County to help families. Since Vic’s vision is to expand workcamp ministry in the state, he is a great fit for WVMAW and its various locations. Vic will bring an ecumenical variety of teams to West Virginia as WVMAW enters a new chapter of bringing in partners and volunteers for families in need.

Vic began with WVMAW in January 2022. A native of West Virginia, he has traveled with the military and returned to the mountains. He and his wife Lisa live in Summersville.