Purpose: To enact the Word of God and promote social righteousness through the promotion, creation, interpretation, funding and evaluation of mission activities by the Presbytery and its congregations.


  1. Help foster ownership and participation in local, national and global mission of the PC(USA).
  2. Encourage and develop strategies for mission interpretation throughout the Presbytery.
  3. Encourage and assist congregations in active involvement in mission.
  4. Help congregations to do social and ecumenical ministries within local communities.
  5. Link congregations with similar ministries.
  6. Provide leadership on issues such as, but not limited to social justice, hunger, environment, elderly, disabled, and peacemaking, etc.
  7. Provide support to Presbyterian mission ministries within the bounds of the Presbytery.
  8. Encourage and support ecumenical and interfaith ministries within the Presbytery.
  9. To be Presbytery’s liaison for campus ministry with the Westminster Foundation


  1. Helping Presbytery and congregations explore and respond to God’s Word as a response to social issues of our time.
  2. Helping Presbytery and congregations develop strategies for increased awareness of local, national and global mission.
  3. Helping Presbytery and congregations create and sustain ministries which, but are not limited to:
    1. Promote total health for individuals
    2. Strengthen families
    3. Address issues of violence
    4. Seek equality for all people
    5. Address issues of economic and community development
    6. Respond to disasters
    7. Address the problem of huger
    8. Work for peace and promote justice
    9. Promote environmental justice
  4. Supporting, advocating for and publicizing mission ministries within the bounds of the Presbytery by:
    1. Recommending to Presbytery support of mission ministries within the bounds of the Presbytery.
    2. Communicate to Presbytery and congregations the nature of the mission ministries of programs, entities and churches in the Presbytery
    3. Evaluate and assure that the goals and programs of the ministries funded by the Presbytery are being carried out.
    4. Maintain, promote, and publicize to the Presbytery ecumenical and interfaith partnerships ex. West Virginia Council on Churches.
    5. Being Presbytery’s liaison with campus ministry and the Westminster Foundation.
  5. Provide training and support in the area of mission for pastors, sessions, and congregations.
  6. Sponsoring and promoting missionary visits throughout the Presbytery


There shall be 6 members (3 classes of 2 members each), with a mix of Ministers of Word & Sacrament, Ruling Elders, and laity.