Ed Thompson – General Presbyter

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The General Presbyter works with and for the churches of this presbytery. He has been charged to: help the Presbytery relate, listen to, and understand each other; work with the Leadership Team to develop a vision and strategic direction for the presbytery; affirm and support the creative ministry of pastors and sessions; communicate to pastors and to sessions the validity and value of their ministry; and to be the administrator of the presbytery, supervising, motivating, and coordinating the work of the staff. 

Rockland (Rocky) Poole – Financial Administrator & Treasurer

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Oversees all financial aspects of Presbytery and Bluestone Conference Center, Acts as the Presbytery’s financial liaison with the Synod and the General Assembly, Board of Pensions, Trustees, and the property insurance provider.

Maureen Wright – Stated Clerk & Associate for Congregational Support

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The Stated Clerk focuses on records, annual record reviews, stated and called meetings of Presbytery, parliamentary procedure, judicial process, policies, Presbytery Trustees, and the Book of Order. The Associate for Congregational Support helps congregations to be effective in ministry and mission, especially assisting small churches to inspire hope, generate vision, and discover new models for ministry.  She supports the work of the Committee on Ministry.

Barbara Chalfant – Associate for Mission

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Serves as an advocate, pastor and educator assisting and advocating for the mission needs of the congregations in our Presbytery, sharing the good news of our ministry together in WV and beyond, and focused on the areas of Older Adult Ministry, Hunger Action and Social Justice.

Susan Sharp Campbell – Associate for Educational Ministry

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Assists and supports congregations, educators, and pastors in the areas of Christian Education and Youth Ministry, including teacher and officer training, program development and evaluation.

Nellie Howard – Resource Center Director

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Oversees the Presbytery’s Resource Center, consulting with individuals and congregations on their needs in education, inspiration and ministry.

Amy Robinson – Office Administrator/Communications

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Oversees and administers general office activity. Initiates and supports all forms of communication. Support for Finance Administrator, Leadership Team, and Presbytery committees. Handles record-keeping and database maintenance.

Mark Miller – Bluestone Facilities Director

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Oversees the management and maintenance of Bluestone Conference Center. Serves as host for all groups using the facilities at Bluestone. Recruits, hires and supervises service and maintenance staff.

Sarah Specht – Bluestone Program Director

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Provides leadership, direction and management of Presbytery summer camps, programs and retreats at Bluestone Camp & Conference Center. Coordinates all marketing, communications and merchandising efforts for the camp.