Christian Education This Fall

For many congregations, it’s time to start thinking about Christian education with people of all ages this fall. In the midst of the COVID-19 virus, this will look very different from years past. Realizing this, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation/The Thoughtful Christian is providing free downloadable guides for PCUSA curricula for children and youth, including Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible Curriculum; Growing in Grace and Gratitude; Faith Questions; and Feasting on the Word. These provide ideas for out to use these when you may not be gathering in the church building for learning opportunities.

You will find a webinar introducing the guides for Children and Youth here. There are Powerpoints connected to this for you to use as you watch the webinar; by clicking on the links on the slides, you will be taken to guides for each curriculum.

If you have any questions or would like help in choosing curriculum, please contact Susan Sharp Campbell, Associate for Educational Ministry, at or 304-645-4568.

Growing in God’s Love – New Curriculum from PC(USA)

Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible Curriculum is a companion curriculum to Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible. It is designed to be used with multiage groups of children, ages 5-10. It is organized in units of 3-5 sessions, and you can pick and choose units, purchasing only those you wish; once purchased, units can be used and reused. Units are available either as a print copy or a download.

In each session, children, with their adult leaders, will, as noted in this curriculum webinar, “enter into the space together; read a story of God’s people from Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible; pause to let God’s word enter into their hearts and minds; encourage their curiosity and imagination; wrestle with their place in God’s story; and bless one another with God’s grace.”

There are also ideas for additional activities at the end of each session plan. In addition, there are intergenerational and at-home ideas around the themes of worship, education, connection and service.

These materials could be used in a variety of ways:

  • with small congregations with a wide age range for children’s Sunday School
  • with mixed age groupings
  • for a weeknight program or children’s Bible study
  • with an intergenerational group
  • for summer Sunday School or Vacation Bible School
  • to form a library for your congregation to use

This material is customizable for your particular context. There is no set scope and sequence; instead, you can use the units in the order you desire. There are currently six units available for purchase, and another six will be available in October, with more to come in 2021-2022.

You can find additional information, including a sample session and the previously-mentioned webinar, here. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Sharp Campbell, Associate for Educational Ministry, at or 304-645-4568.