If your congregation would like to create Church World Service cleanup buckets and/or hygiene kits to go to the areas affected by Hurricane Florence, we are willing to collect them at the presbytery office. Please bring $5 per bucket and $2 per kit to defray the cost to Church World Service of transportation and handling.

A few guidelines to follow:

1. Pack only the specific items and the quantity of items requested in each kit

2. Box kits of the same type together. Do not mix types of kits.

3. Tape the box closed for safe shipping.

4. Use the CWS LABEL from the KIT GUIDE on the outside of the box. Please be sure to label each bucket or box of kits with the CWS Label stating your church name and contact information.

5. DO NOT pack money in the kits or in the boxes of kits. Send it separately.

     If you would like to donate financially to disaster relief, designated DR000194, do so…

     Online: https://www.presbyterianmission.org/donate

     By phone: 800-872-3283

     By mail: Presbyterian Church (USA)

     PO Box 643700

     Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700