On Earth Day 2018, Glenville Presbyterian Church dedicated a space for a sacred garden and prayer labyrinth. The garden is a place of peace for all who visit, whether they be human, bug, bird, reptile, amphibian, or other mammal.  A reminder that we are all part of God’s creation, the garden is a way the church hopes to inspire people to work for peace and environmental stewardship. Everyone in the community is welcome to walk the labyrinth and enjoy the garden. Below is a guide for those walking any prayer labyrinth for the first time from the Church of the Divine Spirit, located in South Texas.

In many respects, walking the labyrinth is a lot like life. Sometimes we may not be sure of where we are on our path, but we just have to trust and put one foot in front of the other. There are many ways and reasons to walk a labyrinth – for prayer, centering, problem-solving, meditation, reflection, inspiration, etc. Walking the labyrinth is a personal experience, and there is no right way or wrong way.

“Guidelines for Walking the Labyrinth:

  • Prepare Yourself: Clear your mind of expectations, quiet your thinking, focus on your breathing, and open your heart to God.
  • Reflect: What do you bring to this invitation for intentional time with God?
  • Pay Attention: Listen to your breathing and your body. Pace yourself in prayer. Walk, skip, run, dance, or crawl as the Holy Spirit is with you. Feel free to gently pass or to let another pass you on the path.
  • After: Take time to journal, ponder, or meditate on your experience. Some people walk a labyrinth repeating and meditating on a verse of Scripture. Some walk focusing on a particular image or noticing in nature to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them.”