We are extending the October 1 deadline for the next round of grant applications to October 15!

In 2019, the Presbytery of West Virginia approved utilizing 80% of the funds generated from the Presbytery’s sale of vacated church properties in the form of New Life Congregational Grants. These funds are intended to support new or expanding projects that will bring new life to your congregation.

The Leadership Team then appointed a team to structure the guidelines and application process, review the applications, and award the grants according to the Presbytery’s action and intention. In July, on behalf of the Presbytery, the team funded applications from six congregations.

The applications – including guidelines describing each grant’s maximum funding, eligibility, outcomes, and application timelines – are below. To request this information in Word format, please email office@wvpresbytery.org. If you have questions about the New Life Congregational Grants, please send them to the Presbytery office, and they will be forwarded to the New Life Grant Team.

Tier 1: Covenant Grant application

Tier 2: Innovation Grant application