The Presbytery of West Virginia, through its Nurture Committee, has $1,000 loans available for those seeking post-secondary education; there are also some grant monies in amounts that vary each year available. You will find an informational flyer and the application form for these loans and grants here.

Please share this information where those in your church, especially high school seniors and parents, can see it. And note that these are not limited to those graduating this year. The application deadline, including the return of references letters, is April 30.

Those who have received loans/grants in the past and who wish to renew them should submit a written request, including a brief description of their past year, to or Presbytery of WV, Attn: Nurture Committee, PO Box 11720, Charleston, WV 25339. Note: you do not have to submit the entire application again.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Sharp Campbell at 304-667-9428 or the above email.