Information from the Board of Pensions

The Board of Pensions is offering dues deferments or waivers to assist churches during the coronavirus crisis.  There are also expanded benefits available to those participating in the benefits offered. Click here for the Board’s website with more information.

PPP Loan Forgiveness

The Small Business Administration (SBA) continues to update and fine-tune the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness. If your church received a PPP loan, your lender should be providing information to you. If not, you should contact them to make sure the church is on their list to receive PPP information and updates from the SBA. As an example, below is information a PWV church that got a PPP loan received from their lender on July 2:

Over the last few days, the SBA has released change number 22 to the PPP program. We anticipate more changes. There are multiple bills pending before Congress. Some of them would significantly help by easing forgiveness requirements and by further streamlining the forgiveness application. Congress is also considering allowing some businesses to apply for a second PPP loan. If that happens, we will contact you with additional information.

Please note that we continue to wait for the SBA to provide instructions to financial institutions on how to process applications for forgiveness. Until we receive instructions, we recommend that you hold off on applying for loan forgiveness. When you apply for forgiveness, the timeframe for a decision starts, meaning that we will have 60 days from that point to process your application with the SBA. We suggest that you do not “start the clock” on your forgiveness application until the SBA has provided its instructions.

Thank you for allowing us to help you during these unprecedented times. We want to ensure that we are helping you with all of your financial needs. If there is any way we can be of more assistance, please contact your banker.

Again, this is an example of information from one lender.  Please stay in contact with your lender and rely on them for information on applying for PPP loan forgiveness.


There are still funds available in the second round of funding for PPP loans. An amendment to the CARES Act was signed into law by the President on July 4, extending applying for the PPP loans through August 8. If your church was unable to secure funding from these programs but may need this financial assistance, immediately contact your local bank to let them know your church is interested in submitting an application and start preparing supporting documentation for the application. If your bank is not an SBA lender, they should still be able to access the SBA for PPP loans. If your bank is not participating in the PPP, ask for a referral to a financial institution that is.

Here is information from Brown Edwards CPAs outlining the aid and assistance available to non-profits, including churches and religious organizations. (attach PDF here)

Brown Edwards CPAs has published a good overview of the aid and assistance available to nonprofits, including churches and religious organizations. 

For more information on Paycheck Protection Program loans and other financial aid for nonprofits available, please visit the Small Business assistance page of the US Treasury website.

Restarting Church Operations

If you have not already done so, I recommend you check with your insurance provider. Many of them, especially those specializing in church insurance coverage, are publishing guides and information on resources they have for their customers during the coronavirus crisis.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance COVID-19 Relief

Any churches that want to assist Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) with their response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic may direct donations to the PDA Matthew 25 Fund (#E052197). Donations may be made directly through the PC(USA) website or can be included with benevolence sent to the PWV office. If sent to the office, please be sure to note on the 2020 Benevolence remittance the amount that is for the Matthew 25 Fund.

2020 Special Offering Calendar

Here is the 2020 calendar for the four churchwide Special Offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), of which two remain:
PEACE & GLOBAL WITNESS: Sept. 6 to Oct. 4
CHRISTMAS JOY: Nov. 29 to Dec. 20
Donations to these offerings are accepted at any time. The dates above are for times of special emphasis on the offerings. Click here for more information or to order resources, or call the PC(USA) Store at 800-533-4371.